Meet The NetSmartz Characters


Clicky is the world’s #1 safety robot and was proudly built in the USA in 2001. He teaches kids how to be safer online and loves to rap, play sports, and hang out with his friends.


Older sister to Webster, Nettie is smart and thoughtful, but loves a good adventure! She likes to read and play online virtual world games.


Webster is playful and creative. He enjoys helping his sister, Nettie, and his trusted adult, Clicky. He loves technology and always has the latest gadget!


Router is Clicky's robot pup! His favorite food is clam chowder, and his favorite past-time is napping in a sunny corner of the NetSmarz Control Room.

Wanta-Know Wally

The Outlaws are always up to no good. Wanna-Know Wally tries to trick people into giving up their personal information.


The Outlaws are always up to no good. Meet-Me Mack tries to get kids he talks to online to meet him face-to-face.

Look-at-This Louie

The Outlaws are always up to no good. Look-At-This Louie sends people bad pictures and rude content.

Potty-Mouth Pete

The Outlaws are always up to no good. Potty-Mouth Pete, the biggest cyberbully around, tries to get people to be rude and mean to each other online.


Harold is a kind and helpful shopkeeper. He owns a gardening store on Badromeda. He is originally from the far away icy realm of "Ledus"- that's why he has so much fur, to stay warm!


Zion is a super social Omnexian! He loves making online videos, sharing interesting articles, reading online books, and playing games with his friends.


Celeste loves playing basketball for her school's team. She also likes the museum, the library, and the movies. She can be shy, but her best friend Stella helps bring her out of her shell.


Stella loves music and dancing. She is a cheerleader for her school's basketball team- that's where she met Celeste. The two are best friends and hang out together almost every weekend.


Ash is a docent (tour guide) at the Badromeda Museum of Technology. She used to be a school teacher, but now works full time helping people learn all about technology and the internet.


Bruce is a local librarian. He is very smart and loves books in all their forms. He particularly loves books about History, Art, Music, or games of strategy. He's even invented his own game!