Season 2

Nettie and Webster have found Dr. Vera Tas, but they’re not home free, yet! On their search for Ice Diamonds to power Dr. Tas’s realm hopper machine, Nettie and Webster run into Zion who finds himself in a tough situation; someone online is threatening him with an inappropriate picture. They’ll have to travel to Ledus to help remove Zion’s picture AND find the Ice Diamonds if they hope to return home and stop the Webville Outlaws.

Episode 1: The Scientist
Episode 2: The Picture
Episode 3:The Plan
Episode 4: Ledus
Episode 5: The Server
Episode 6: Ice Diamonds

Season One

After stepping on a hidden transport tube, Nettie and Webster find themselves lost in a strange new realm on the internet’s “cloud”. They’ll have to put their NetSmartz to the test and find their way home before the Outlaws get up to no good!

Episode 1:
Enter Badromeda
Episode 2:
T.M.I.[Too Much Information]
Episode 3:
Rocket Bike
Episode 4:
Fact or Fake?
Episode 5: Checking In
Episode 6: Finding Vera